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Welcome to the world of fishing where organization meets efficiency with the Gruv Tackle Box! Get ready to explore an array of top-quality tackle gear that will revolutionize your fishing game. From innovative lures to sturdy reels, the Gruv Tackle Box has got you covered. Stay tuned as we take you through the ultimate guide to the best tackle gear available in the market today. Get ready to cast out in style with Gruv Tackle Box.

The Top 20 Best Gruv Tackle Box

  1. Premium Tackle Box with Watertight Seal and Customizable Compartments — The Plano EDGE 3500 Stowaway Box is a fully customizable tackle box that keeps your lures dry, rust-free, and organized for optimal storage and fishing success!
  2. Versatile Tackle Case with MOLLE Panel and Stowaway Utility Boxes — Organize your fishing gear with the versatile Plano Weekend Series 3700 Tackle Case, featuring durable molded zippers, front MOLLE panel for tools, and two stowaway utility boxes for quick access and storage.
  3. Plano Magnum HipRoof Tackle Box with Expanded Storage and Integrated Features — Tackle more with Planos Magnum HipRoof 8616 Tackle Box, featuring increased bulk storage, adjustable dividers, integrated lure trays, and can holders for optimal organization of your fishing gear.
  4. Plano Big Game Tackle Box: Portable Fishing Gear Storage — The Plano Molding 791502 Big Game Tackle Box, boasting a 4.5-star rating and 22 reviews, offers an impressive organization solution with Easy View divider system accommodating up to 40 baits and option to customize with utility boxes.
  5. Ultimate Lure-Filled Fishing Kit for Bass Lovers — Experience the ultimate bass fishing adventure with the Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode, featuring expert content, a great gift option, and over $80 worth of value in every box!
  6. Ultimate Dual-Level Hook Storage and Organization Box — The Plano Edge 3700 Hook Box offers easy storage and organization for your hooks, while featuring advanced rust-protection technology and moisture-wicking capabilities.
  7. Water Drainage Clear Tackle Box for Fishing Gear — Stay organized and keep your tackle dry with the Plano 3700 Hydro-Flo Stowaway, a fully washable tackle box perfect for saltwater fishing.
  8. Plano Hydro-Flo Tackle Box: Compact, Washable, and Durable Lure Storage — Experience the versatility of the Plano Deep Hydro-Flo Stowaway tackle box, designed for hard bodied lures and small tackle with removable dividers, perfect for saltwater environments, and fully washable for hassle-free cleaning.
  9. Waterproof Tackle Storage Box for Fishing Gear — Flambeau WP5001 — Stay organized and protect your gear with the Flambeau Waterproof Tuff Tainer Double Deep, an ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts featuring watertight sealing, strong locking mechanisms, and corrosion protection.
  10. Steve’s Tackle Box — Portable Fishing Tool Organizer — Convenient, durable, and waterproof, the Clam Jig Box is your go-to solution for organizing and storing small jigs and plastics during any fishing season!
  11. Versatile, Spacious Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box — Keep your fishing gear organized and easily accessible with the Plano Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box — perfect for all types of fishing adventures!
  12. Tackle Logic Plano Drawer System: Complete Fishing Gear Organization — Experience unparalleled fishing gear organization with the Plano Guide Series Drawer Tackle Box, boasting four different-sized compartments, see-through storage lids, and versatile bulk storage space.
  13. High-Quality One-Tray Tackle Box by Plano for Durable Fishing Storage — Experience enhanced organization and durability with the Plano One-Tray Tackle Box, crafted in the USA using top-notch materials and providing a practical solution for avid anglers.
  14. Ultimate Hip Roof Tackle Storage Box for Fishing Gear — Experience ultimate tackle management with the Flambeau T5 Multiloader Box — the go-to solution for freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts!
  15. Waterproof Tackle Box for Secure Storage — Stay secure with the Plano StowAway Tackle Box — the waterproof, airtight solution for safeguarding your valuables in any environment.
  16. Durable Hard Bait Storage Box for Various Fishing Baits — Organize and protect your hard baits with Gruv Fishing’s durable, versatile Hard Bait Box featuring molded silicone anchors, a polycarbonate shell, and a clear lid for ultimate visibility.
  17. Gruv Fishing Jig Storage Box: Durable & Spacious Tackle Container — Unlock maximum organization and durability for your fishing gear with the GRUV Fishing Big Jig Box, featuring a secure hold and unbeatable silicone slits for easy-access jig storage.
  18. Organized Fishing Jig Storage — Safeguard, organize, and protect your smaller jigs with the robust, portable, and easily accessible GRUV Fishing Box Micro Jig — the ultimate storage solution for fishermen!
  19. Secure Tackle Box for Easy Weight Storage — The GRUV Tackle Box’s Tungsten Vault TV00105042 securely holds up to 50 weights with 5 different sized silicone docks, providing ultimate portability, strength, and durability for all your tungsten storage needs.
  20. Innovative Angler’s Edge Vertical Jig & Spybait Box — Experience innovative vertical jig & Spybait organization with the Plano EDGE series, featuring rust-resistant coatings, customizable internal systems, and durable water-absorbing desiccant material, perfect for all-weather angling.


Premium Tackle Box with Watertight Seal and Customizable Compartments


I recently tried the Plano EDGE Professional Tackle Box, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The box is fully customizable, allowing me to store all sorts of lures and keep everything organized. The built-in EZ label system is a game-changer when it comes to stacking storage, and the crystal-clear Duraview lid makes it easy to identify the contents without any hassle.

One of the standout features is the moisture-wicking ventilated dividers, which prevent rust and keep your lures dry. It also has a reusable Water Wick divider, which makes it easy to keep things dry and rust-free. The DuraView crystal-clear polycarbonate lid is another highlight, providing a clear view of the contents inside.

The oversized latch is a nice touch, as it enables easy one-handed opening and closure. However, there is a downside to this; the box is quite heavy, making it unsuitable for those who intend to carry it around frequently. The latch can be a bit tricky to close sometimes, requiring a little extra effort to catch properly.

Overall, the Plano EDGE Professional Tackle Box is a great investment for serious anglers who need a reliable storage solution for their lures. Although it has its minor flaws, it provides excellent protection and customizable storage options that make it a standout option in the tackle storage market.

Versatile Tackle Case with MOLLE Panel and Stowaway Utility Boxes


I’ve been using the Plano Weekend Series 3700 Tackle Case for several weeks now, and I’ve got to say it’s been a game-changer for my fishing trips. The highlights of this tackle case include the oversized zippers and the durable mesh side pockets, which have made storing and organizing my gear a breeze. The front MOLLE panel is also a clever addition, providing additional space for tool storage and keeping everything easily accessible.

The drawers are roomy and well-designed, with a good number of compartments to store all my fishing odds and ends. The molded Plano zipper pulls have also been a nice touch, making it easy to open and access my gear on-the-go. Overall, the design and build quality of this tackle case have been impressive, and I’d highly recommend it to any angler looking to stay organized and prepared for their next fishing adventure.

Plano Magnum HipRoof Tackle Box with Expanded Storage and Integrated Features


I recently tried out the Plano Magnum HipRoof Tray Tackle Box 8616, and it exceeded my expectations. I was in search of a tackle box that could hold all my fishing gear, from pliers to GPS, and this one fit the bill perfectly. The 20% more bulk storage space and 20% larger trays allowed me to store all my essentials without having to leave anything behind.

The adjustable dividers were a game-changer, giving me the flexibility to create 38 to 46 compartments, making it easy to find what I needed when I needed it. The integrated lure trays and can holders in the lid added an extra level of convenience, allowing me to take advantage of every inch of this tackle box.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The double-sided latches didn’t seem as secure as I would have liked, and I had to be cautious when closing the tackle box to avoid any accidental spills. Additionally, the tackle box could be a bit flimsy at times, especially when trying to open it with one hand.

Overall, the Plano Magnum HipRoof Tray Tackle Box 8616 was a great addition to my fishing gear. It offered a lot of storage space and was well-organized, making it easier for me to find what I needed on the go. Despite some minor issues, I would definitely recommend this tackle box to any avid fisherman looking for a reliable and spacious solution.

Plano Big Game Tackle Box: Portable Fishing Gear Storage


Recently, I’ve been using the Plano Molding 791502 Big Game Tackle Box for my fishing gear organization. It has been quite a game-changer for me, as it holds up to 40 baits up to 12 inches long. The removable racks are a plus, allowing me to replace them with utility boxes as needed. The Easy View divider system is also a helpful feature that keeps my baits organized and easily visible.

However, I have found that it can be a bit heavy, especially when it’s full of baits. Additionally, I noticed that some of the dividers don’t fit tightly to the bottom of the box, which can cause occasional issues with larger lures. But overall, I’m quite happy with this tackle box’s durability and portability, making it a great choice for my daily fishing needs.

Ultimate Lure-Filled Fishing Kit for Bass Lovers


Ah, fishing. There’s just something about it that draws you in. Maybe it’s the thrill of the catch, or the peaceful solitude of a day by the water. But let’s be honest, everyone could use a little help sometimes. That’s where the Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box comes in.

Imagine this: you’re gearing up for a day on the lake, ready to reel in your next big catch. But wait, what’s this? Your trusty lure box is looking a bit sparse. Enter the Motherlode Bass Fishing Crate. Filled with 11 or more lures and tackle, it’s like hitting the jackpot.

The value alone is impressive, with over $80 worth of gear — talk about bang for your buck! And let’s not forget about the expert content included. From tips and tricks to learning new techniques, you’ll be catching more fish than you know what to do with.

But of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. While the Motherlode Crate is certainly a great gift (or a treat for yourself), its dimensions might make it a bit of a squeeze in smaller tackle boxes. And who knows what you’ll find inside — it’s a mystery, after all.

Overall, the Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode is a fantastic addition to any fisherman’s arsenal. With its wealth of high-quality gear and expert advice, it’s sure to make your next day on the lake a success. Just remember to keep an eye on the dimensions!

Ultimate Dual-Level Hook Storage and Organization Box


As an avid angler, I’ve been using the Plano Edge 3700 Hook Box in my daily life and it has been nothing short of a game-changer. This durable box offers the perfect solution for organizing and storing all kinds of hooks and rigging accessories in all their glory. The first level features a soft cushion that securely holds your hooks while the second level ensures loose storage without any risk of damage.

One of my favorite features has to be the EZ Label system, which makes it incredibly easy to identify the contents of the box, no matter how many hooks you’ve thrown into it. The clarity of the lid is a welcome addition too, making it a breeze to find what you need. Plus, the box has an excellent moisture-wicking feature that keeps everything dry and safe from rust thanks to Rustrictor technology.

Of course, there have been minor issues here and there. The latches can be a bit finicky at times, and it might take a bit of fiddling to get them to lock securely. However, given how sturdy the entire box is, these are really just minor irritations that I’m willing to live with. The weight can be a bit of a drawback, especially if you’re planning to take it on a long hike, but for its intended purpose, it’s completely manageable.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the Plano Edge 3700 Hook Box. It’s a well-crafted tool that’s definitely a welcome addition to the lives of serious anglers. With its dual-level design, easy organization, and weather-proofing capabilities, it’s a product I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a reliable, durable, and highly convenient hook storage solution.

Water Drainage Clear Tackle Box for Fishing Gear


The Plano Hydro-Flo Stowaway tackle box has been a game-changer in my fishing adventures. The see-through top allows me to quickly find the right tackle for any situation on the water. Its compact size, measuring 36 x 23 x 5 cm, makes it ideal for hard bodied lures, crank baits, wobblers, poopers, and vibes.

One of the standout features is the Hydro-Flo system, which uses hundreds of tiny drainage holes in the top and bottom of the box. Water drains out effortlessly, and air circulates around wet tackle to dry naturally. This is particularly useful when fishing in saltwater, as it allows me to seal the tackle box, rinse it with fresh water, and let it dry in the sun without having to worry about rusty hooks or spills during the drying period.

The adjustable compartments are another great plus, allowing me to keep my tackle well-organized. I’ve even matched and retrofitted a few to my standard-sized Plano tackle boxes for added convenience.

However, I’ve noticed that small hooks on some lures can occasionally get caught in the holes, making it difficult to retrieve them. To prevent this, I tie up the lures before placing them in the tackle box. Overall, the Plano Hydro-Flo Stowaway tackle box is a fantastic addition to my fishing gear, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, well-designed tackle storage solution.

Plano Hydro-Flo Tackle Box: Compact, Washable, and Durable Lure Storage


As a fishing enthusiast, I recently had the chance to try out the Plano Hydro Flo Tackle Box — Stowaway. The unique design with holes in the lid and the sturdy construction immediately caught my eye. What truly sets this tackle box apart is the prevention of rust and the convenience of adjustable compartments. The removable dividers really helped keep my lures and tackle organized, and the ability to match and retrofit to standard Plano tackle boxes was a bonus.

One thing to note is that hooks on smaller lures can sometimes poke through the drain holes, but a simple fix is to tie them up and avoid any potential problems. Overall, the Plano Hydro Flo Tackle Box — Stowaway is a fantastic addition to any angler’s gear, and I highly recommend it to fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Waterproof Tackle Storage Box for Fishing Gear — Flambeau WP5001


When I decided to give the Flambeau Ultimate Open Core Tuff ‘Tainer a try for my fishing trips, I was excited to see what features it had in store. The watertight O-ring seal and reinforced lids were definite standouts, as they kept my terminal tackle dry and secure, no matter the weather conditions.

However, there were a few drawbacks that I experienced personally. The lack of dividers made organizing my fishing gear a bit of a challenge, and I needed to purchase them separately. Additionally, the stacking feature wasn’t as convenient as I hoped, but overall, I found this Tuff Tainer to be a reliable and compact storage solution for my fishing needs. So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for a waterproof storage solution, this one might just be the perfect fit. Just be prepared to get those dividers too!

Steve’s Tackle Box — Portable Fishing Tool Organizer


The Clam Jig Box — Large has been a game-changer in my fishing adventures. I used to spend way too much time rummaging through pockets for the right jig when the bite was on, but this box solved that problem in a snap. The waterproof design was a huge plus, especially during the winter months when my fingers are too cold to fish.

The hard plastic shell is sturdy and durable, lasting me through multiple fishing seasons without any signs of damage. It’s nice to have a choice between different sizes, as it allows me to choose a box that fits my needs perfectly. The unique slotted foam design helps keep jigs and plastics separate and organized, making it easy to find the right one when I need it.

While the box itself is perfect, one minor drawback is the foam tends to shrink over time, which means it doesn’t hold the lures as well as it used to. But overall, the Clam Jig Box — Large is a top-quality product that has made my fishing experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

Versatile, Spacious Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box


As a seasoned angler, I was in need of an organized tackle box that could accommodate all my gear. I stumbled upon the Plano Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box and decided to give it a try.

From the very beginning, I was impressed by the dimensions of the tackle box when closed. It measures 51.3 cm in length, 31.5 cm in width, and 31.3 cm in height, providing ample space for even the most avid fishermen. One of the most remarkable features is the fact that it is made in the USA, giving me a sense of pride in knowing I am supporting a local industry.

The tackle box comes with three strong brass latches that securely hold the lids in place, ensuring that my gear stays safe and dry, whether I am on the open sea or a calm lake. The large storage space is perfect for bags, boxes, hooks, lines, and other accessories, making it an excellent choice for a hobbyist or professional alike.

The highlight of the Plano Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box is undoubtedly the three large trays with easy-to-organize sections. These trays make it simple to keep track of your gear, even during the most intense fishing sessions. Additionally, the trays slide effortlessly, allowing for quick and easy access to your tackle without having to dig through a tangled mess.

Now, onto the not-so-great aspects of this tackle box. One downside I noticed is that it is quite heavy and bulky, which could be problematic for some, especially when you are carrying it in your bag or on your boat for extended periods. Another inconvenience is that the base compartment can also be challenging to access, as it requires you to take out one of the trays, which may not be ideal if you need something in a hurry.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I am highly satisfied with the Plano Hybrid Hip 3-Tray Tackle Box. It has made a significant difference in my fishing organization and efficiency, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of a top-quality tackle box.

Tackle Logic Plano Drawer System: Complete Fishing Gear Organization


As an avid fisherman, I’ve always struggled to stay organized when it comes to my fishing tackle. That is, until I discovered the Plano Guide Series Drawer Tackle Box. This brilliant piece of engineering has revolutionized the way I store, access, and transport my gear, making it a game-changer for my fishing trips.

The box boasts two top-access storage areas with DuraView lids, which provide a quick and easy view of my most-used tackle items. I appreciate the spacious bulk storage area, which can hold larger pieces of fishing gear such as first aid kits, leaders, lines, and even sunscreen. The four drawers with different-sized storage compartments offer customized organization options for all my tackle, keeping everything secure and latched in.

Despite some minor issues, like a plastic handle that can slide out easily, the Plano Guide Series Drawer Tackle Box has been an invaluable addition to my fishing arsenal. It’s made in the USA and has a 4.5-star rating from 95 reviews, making it a solid choice for any angler looking to step up their gear organization game.

High-Quality One-Tray Tackle Box by Plano for Durable Fishing Storage


I’ve been using the Plano One-Tray Tackle Box for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s a reliable companion for all my fishing adventures. Its removable tray with 5 fixed storage compartments is perfect for organizing my tackle collection neatly. I especially love the brass-bailed latch as it ensures my gear stays safe while I’m on the go.

The box’s ample bulk storage space is a game-changer for those who need to carry larger fishing essentials without compromising on convenience. The simplicity of this box is what stands out to me — it’s perfect for those who don’t require a lot of storage but still need a sturdy and dependable tackle box.

One downside I’ve noticed is that it’s not the most spacious tackle box out there, but for my needs, it’s more than adequate. Overall, the Plano One-Tray Tackle Box has proven to be a reliable and practical solution for all my fishing needs.

Ultimate Hip Roof Tackle Storage Box for Fishing Gear


I’ve been using the Flambeau T5 Multiloader Tackle Box for a while now, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for my fishing trips. This hard-shell tackle box is not only durable but also convenient to carry around. The translucent flip top lid allows for quick access to compartments, and it even has 7 spacious storage compartments. I love that it also features line dispensing ports for easy access.

While the Flambeau T5 Multiloader may be a bit on the heavy side, it’s perfect for carrying all your fishing gear. It has more than enough space to fit hooks, lures, hand tools, and more. The box is made from rugged, hard-shell plastic that can withstand almost any outdoor weather, making it ideal for use at the lake or out on the boat. When your trip is over, storing this Flambeau tackle box is a breeze.

Waterproof Tackle Box for Secure Storage


Imagine you’re walking along the beach with your best fishing rod, hoping to catch the biggest fish of your life. Suddenly, the tide turns against you and the waves start to rise. You need a safe place to store your rod and protect it from the harsh elements. That’s when the Plano Waterproof StowAway Tackle Box comes to the rescue.

The first thing you’ll notice about this box is its sleek, clear design, which makes it easier for you to find your rod when you need it. The box is also spacious enough to hold other fishing gear, like hooks, lures, and a lanyard — everything you need to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

The Waterproof StowAway Tackle Box features a pour-in Dri-Loc O-ring seal, ensuring that your fishing gear stays dry and protected from water damage. The three tight-sealing cam action latches keep the box securely closed, and the adjustable compartments help you organize your gear better.

One of the best things about this box is its durability. It’s made from a sturdy plastic material that can withstand the rough treatment it’s likely to receive on a beach or a boat. The box also has a slip-resistant rubber pad on the inside, which helps prevent your fishing gear from moving around while you’re transporting it.

However, the box’s weight can be a bit of a downside. At almost 2 pounds, it might be a little heavy for your average beach-goer. But if you’re a serious fisherman, you’ll find that the extra weight is worth it for the protection it offers.

In summary, the Plano Waterproof StowAway Tackle Box is a great investment for anyone who needs a secure and waterproof storage solution for their fishing gear. Its sleek design, spacious compartments, and durability make it a top choice for beach-goers and boat enthusiasts alike.

Durable Hard Bait Storage Box for Various Fishing Baits


The Gruv Fishing Hard Bait Box truly is a lifesaver for any angler looking for a secure and organized solution to keep their collection of hard baits safe and sound. This hardy box is built with materials that can take a beating, which is exactly what I needed — I’ve been using it on my boat and it has been fantastic.

Firstly, the storage capacity is excellent. It’s pretty compact, but holds an impressive number of baits securely, thanks to the well-designed molded silicon anchors. I’ve experienced minimal tangling of baits, which I appreciate since I’m often on the move. Plus, the view from the clear lid is like a fishy buffet!

The box itself is robust. It’s made of a hardy polycarbonate shell, making it weather-resistant and sturdy to handle bumps around the boat. Also, the stainless steel hinge pin adds to the durability — it definitely feels like it can withstand some rough conditions.

One thing I definitely appreciate is that it’s been easy to access. The hinge opens smoothly and the neodymium magnet keeps it firmly closed when not in use.

However, it wasn’t all peaches and cream. For starters, it’s worth mentioning the size of the box: if you have larger hard baits or a large collection, you might want to get a bigger one. Also, the anchors can be a bit tricky to handle if you, like me, are a bit clumsy.

Despite the minor hiccups, I’d highly recommend this box to anyone who goes fishing often. The Gruv Fishing Hard Bait Box makes it a breeze to keep your hard baits in top condition. It truly is the Swiss army knife of tackle boxes!

Gruv Fishing Jig Storage Box: Durable & Spacious Tackle Container


I’ve been using the Gruv Fishing Big Jig Box for a couple of months now, and I must say, this jig box has transformed the way I organize my jigs and hooks. The box holds up to 115 larger jigs or hooks securely, which is a game-changer for keeping them neatly organized and safe from damage.

The molded silicone slits offer unparalleled strength for holding jigs, and I particularly appreciate that it eliminates the need for tangled hooks that often occur in traditional tackle boxes. The box is made from a durable polycarbonate shell, adding to its strength and durability.

The clear lid is a fantastic feature, allowing me to see what’s inside without having to open it, which is especially useful on the water. The neodymium magnetic closure is perfect — it offers a tight close but is easy to access when needed.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks. The box might be a bit difficult for larger jigs with heavier weighted heads to fit comfortably into the silicone slits. Additionally, the box could benefit from a waterproof seal to provide extra protection.

Overall, the Gruv Fishing Big Jig Box is an excellent product that has made my fishing experiences more efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Organized Fishing Jig Storage


As a dedicated angler, I have always been in search of a jig box that meets all my needs. When I stumbled upon the GRUV Fishing Box Micro Jig, I was beyond thrilled. The box looked sleek and compact, perfect for my kayaking adventures. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew it was going to be a game-changer for me.

The box is made from a strong and durable polycarbonate shell, which instantly caught my attention. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I’m convinced it’s built to last for many years to come. Its slit silicone mat is another amazing feature, capable of holding up to 72 smaller jigs — a lifesaver for any angler.

The highlight of this micro jig box, however, is its neodymium magnetic closure. This feature ensures my jigs remain securely inside the box, even when I’m on the rockiest of waters. The clear lid provides excellent visibility, allowing me to easily locate the perfect jig for my next catch.

While the box is compact and portable, I must admit, it’s slightly smaller than I initially anticipated. But once I started using it, I realized it’s the perfect size for my smaller jigs. The GRUV Fishing Box Micro Jig has become an indispensable part of my fishing gear, and I’m grateful for this innovative design. It’s a 5-star product that deserves its spot among the best jig boxes on the market.

Secure Tackle Box for Easy Weight Storage


The GRUV Fishing Tungsten Vault has been an indispensable part of my fishing trips. I recently brought it along on a boat excursion and it held up beautifully against the rough waves.

The storage solution offers a solid and secure way to organize my tungsten weights — it never seemed to lose any of them even in the roughest water. The sleekness and portability of the vault are a great bonus too, perfect for quick access on board. Although it’s quite solid with its polycarbonate shell and durable construction, I would love a slightly smaller size for those tight fishing compartments.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Innovative Angler’s Edge Vertical Jig & Spybait Box


The Plano Edge Vertical Jig & Spybait Box has been my trusty companion on fishing trips, never failing to keep my lures organized and rust-free. Its innovative design for organizing vertical jig and Spybait lures stands out, making it easy to quickly find the right one for my needs.

One of the standout features is the Rustrictor infusion, which has kept my lures protected against rust, ensuring they stay in great shape even after hours on the water. The Dri-Loc watertight seals are another highlight, providing peace of mind knowing my contents are well-protected from water damage.

As a bonus, the box is reinforced with water-absorbing desiccant material, which adds extra durability and helps to maintain the quality of my lures over time. Its storage capacity for several lures also comes in handy, giving me the freedom to bring along a variety of options for different fishing scenarios.

Made with high-quality materials, this box has held up incredibly well in all weather conditions. It’s a reliable and versatile companion that I can always rely on. However, a downside I’ve noticed is the weight, which can be a bit of a challenge when carrying multiple boxes for extended trips.

Overall, the Plano Edge Vertical Jig & Spybait Box is a fantastic investment for any serious angler looking to keep their lures organized, protected, and ready for action.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for Gruv tackle boxes. This section will help you understand the crucial features, considerations, and general advice for choosing the right Gruv tackle box that suits your fishing needs.


Important Features

When selecting a Gruv tackle box, consider the following features to ensure you get the most suitable choice for your fishing trips. These features include: storage capacity, portability, durability, water resistance, and customizability. A tackle box with ample storage capacity can hold various baits, tools, and fishing lines, while portability allows you to carry the tackle box easily from one location to another.


As you browse through the different Gruv tackle box options, ponder on the following considerations to help narrow down your search. These considerations include: the intended environment, the type and quantity of fishing gear you plan to store, and your budget. You should also evaluate how the tackle box will be used, considering factors such as frequent transportation, rough handling, or storing the tackle box outdoors.


General Advice

When purchasing a Gruv tackle box, arm yourself with knowledge about the specific fishing gear you plan to store. This knowledge will help you determine the optimal storage solution for various items. Additionally, consider investing in a tackle box that allows you to organize your fishing gear effectively, making it easier to locate items when needed. Lastly, always check for any warranties or support provided by the manufacturer, ensuring that you are well-equipped to handle any issues that may arise.

In conclusion, when choosing a Gruv tackle box, focus on the essential features, considerations, and general advice provided in this guide to ensure you find a durable and functional tackle box that meets your specific needs. With the right research and understanding of your fishing gear storage needs, you can confidently select the best Gruv tackle box for your outdoor adventures.



What is the Gruv Tackle Box and how does it work?

The Gruv Tackle Box is a unique fishing tool designed to help anglers easily organize and store their fishing tackle. It features a modular system with removable compartments that can be rearranged to fit different tackle types and sizes. The box is made with durable materials to withstand tough outdoor conditions and features a locking mechanism to keep your tackle secure.

To use the Gruv Tackle Box, simply insert the compartments into the base, and customize the arrangement based on your tackle needs. Each compartment can be easily removed for cleaning or refilling, making it a versatile and convenient storage solution for fishermen of all skill levels. The box is also designed to be stackable, allowing you to create a larger storage system as your tackle collection grows.

What materials are used to make the Gruv Tackle Box?

The Gruv Tackle Box is made using high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The exterior is constructed from a combination of strong ABS plastic and impact-resistant polycarbonate, providing a high level of durability and protection for your tackle. The interchangeable compartments are made from UV-resistant, crystal-clear polycarbonate, which not only adds a touch of style but also ensures your tackle remains visible and organized.

Additionally, the locking system features a robust, stainless-steel mechanism that provides a secure and reliable seal, keeping your tackle safe from unwanted intrusions or accidental spills. Whether you’re fishing on the beach, at the lake, or on the open sea, the Gruv Tackle Box is built to handle whatever the elements throw at it.


Is the Gruv Tackle Box suitable for different tackle types?

Yes, the Gruv Tackle Box is designed to accommodate a wide variety of fishing tackle types and sizes. The modular design allows for customization, enabling you to arrange the compartments according to your specific tackle needs. Each compartment can be filled with lures, hooks, lines, sinkers, and other essential fishing gear, ensuring that everything stays organized and easily accessible.

The Gruv Tackle Box also includes a set of removable dividers that can be inserted into the compartments to separate and categorize tackle items. This feature is particularly useful for organizing smaller or delicate tackle items that may otherwise become lost or damaged in larger compartments. With its adaptable design, the Gruv Tackle Box is an ideal solution for both amateur and experienced fishermen.

How does the Gruv Tackle Box help improve my fishing experience?

The Gruv Tackle Box is designed to streamline your fishing experience by providing a convenient and efficient way to store and organize your tackle. This can save you time and effort in searching for the right tackle items during your fishing trips, allowing you to focus more on the experience itself and the pursuit of your catch. By keeping your tackle clean, organized, and easily accessible, you can also protect your equipment from damage and prolong its lifespan.

Moreover, the Gruv Tackle Box’s modular and portable design makes it easy to transport and store your tackle, even when traveling to different fishing locations. Its durable construction ensures that your tackle remains safe and secure, even in challenging outdoor environments. In summary, the Gruv Tackle Box is a practical and effective tool that can enhance your fishing experience in multiple ways.


Can the Gruv Tackle Box be used for saltwater fishing?

Yes, the Gruv Tackle Box is suitable for use in saltwater environments. Its materials and construction have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in saltwater fishing, such as exposure to salt, UV rays, and moisture. The interchangeable compartments and dividers are also made from UV-resistant polycarbonate, ensuring that they remain clear and functional even after long periods of use in saltwater conditions.

Additionally, the stainless-steel locking mechanism provides extra resistance to corrosion, ensuring that your tackle remains secure and protected from the elements. Whether you’re fishing in the ocean, a saltwater estuary, or a brackish environment, the Gruv Tackle Box is a reliable and durable solution for storing and organizing your saltwater tackle.

What is the warranty and return policy for the Gruv Tackle Box?

The Gruv Tackle Box comes with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If you encounter any issues within this timeframe, the manufacturer may provide a repair, replacement, or refund at their discretion. Please refer to the specific terms and conditions of the warranty for more information on what is covered and how to submit a warranty claim.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer offers a return policy for an exchange or refund. To initiate a return, you must first contact the manufacturer’s customer service team and obtain a return authorization number. You will then need to ship the product back to the manufacturer within 30 days of the purchase date, at your own expense. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned product, the manufacturer will process your return request according to their return policy.